Tender with a Twist

Tender with a Twist - Annabeth Albert Tender With A Twist is the second book in the Rainbow Cove series by Annabeth Albert. Although a few characters are introduced in the first book, Trust With A Chaser, this could be read as a standalone. Logan is the chef at the local restaurant and experiencing his first sense of freedom away from his family and the expectations he grew up with. Curtis is older and set in his ways mourning the death of his partner. It is the exploration of the D/s experience Logan has always wanted, and Curtis desperately needs, that is the heart of this book. The BDSM is mild and there are sweet moments so don't let that deter you if are not sure about that element--this can ease you into the idea. For those wanting the action to match that tag of pain slut, you might be disappointed. For those of you into this kink, the words sweet baby top should tell you what you need to know. This book is really about the connection between these two as it builds and letting go of the life that other people expect you to live. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. I did feel like the ending dragged a bit, like there were two ending chapters. I'm not sure that was necessary. In fact one should have just been labeled an Epilogue showing the two fitting into each others life over time. That is a minor quibble about what was an enjoyable romance. The last issue I had was that Curtis starts out a curmudgeon and ends up being a little too sweet; I would have liked to see him keep some of the edge, even softened, as it was such a part of his personality.

I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review.