Once Upon A Wolf

Once Upon A Wolf - Rhys Ford This is a good, solid, sweet, well-written story. What elevates it above average is the beautiful writing style. The author paints pictures in your head. The characters are all likeable and you root for them. At its heart, this is a basic, sweet love story. Serious topics are touched on to add depth (PTSD, murder, tragedy, pain, obsession, fear, loyalty, assault, guilt), but the author doesn't drop us down a well to wallow in the angst. This is ultimately about people who triumph over the odds and are lucky enough to meet the people meant for them. I expect a follow-up story about Gibson's brother Ellis, who deserves his own story. I also expect to see Pat again. There is not a cliff hanger, but this feels like unfinished business. However, this story for Gibson and Zach is enjoyable.