Chasing The Sea

Chasing The Sea - Lina Langley Hunter, a trust fund baby, has a crush on his friend and fellow frat brother Valentine. Allusions are made that Valentine is likely Latino (it's never outright stated) and not as well off as Hunter, who pays to fly him down to the Keys with his cat, Grandpa for Spring Break. There are all kinds of plot holes here. Hunter's Dad knows he is gay and on the boat with one other person, but he's afraid if he gets caught on the boat with a man his Dad will disinherit him? He had a driver take them to the marina and he removed money from his trust fund to pay for it all but his Dad wouldn't know (and he already has access to his trust fund)?
This is the first time he's been alone captaining the boat and he hasn't been out on a boat at all in two years but his Dad lets him take it out? We are told "he was barely confident enough in his steering ability when he was stone cold sober" and yet no one sees disaster written all over this? If Hunter graduated two years ago, he is likely 20 and not even old enough to drink in the first place yet this is what he does when he is trying to fly under the radar. Ok. He is 20 and we all did stupid things when we were 20. Right? And that's the problem: I am not the target audience for this book at all because it's chapter three right now and I so don't care. Now we're given the impression from Valentine that Hunter's Dad pays for school and Hunter is afraid of him. Hunter himself has already said he is very controlling. None of this really makes sense; it's just a way to get us to the emergency moment as an excuse for conflict. When they need help Hunter is afraid to call the Coast Guard, since his Dad worked for them before he retired and he would find out. He's going to find out anyway since he legally owns the boat! Speaking of which, you don't get that kind of money retiring from the Coast Guard. There is just not enough mature, fleshed out, believable detail for the reader to connect with the characters and care what happens to them. If in the first chapter his Dad knew he was on board with one other person, why in chapter five does his Dad think it's a frat party on board?! There is a huge info dump on Hunter's family, which includes his coming out to his Dad. The thing is, Hunter is out with his frat brothers, who all seem to come from wealthy families, some of whom must know his Dad so I'm still not sure why this is all a big deal. Now Valentine and Hunter are talking, as an actual idea being muted, about pushing what was the "biggest boat in the marina" off a sandbar from behind, whilst swimming. This is just not ready for publication, in my opinion. I think I am going to have to DNF.