Frat House Rulez

Frat House Rulez - Kayci Morgan This is a fun erotic romance with a new take on the gay for pay, gay for you, and first time tropes. Mark grew up in a poor, single parent home in Alabama. When he meets Eric at a summer orientation for college, it turns out to be an in into a frat house, which will allow Mark to have a place to stay so he can afford to go to school. Little does he know, its a gay frat and some of the hazing is going to take a straight (or maybe not so straight) boy down a strange path. With the situational dubious consent, it could have gone to a way darker storyline than it does. Mark is complicit in, agrees to, and enjoys everything done to him in one way or another. The sex scenes are erotic and its actually a strangely sweet story about friendship, friends with benefits, and learning who you are and what you like.