After Anna

After Anna - Theda Black This is a duology, so the rating is for them both because you need to read them both for a completely story timeline and arc. I think this this gets low rating for people who like linear or formulaic plots and don't like to see their pain and grief on page. Most romance novels have the girlfriend killed first, off page, and we never get to see the grief up close and personal. These books go to dark places, so if you don't like that kind of thing, don't read it. We get to see Will spiral down in grief/guilt and drag his police partner Tyler, who is in love with him, down with him. We see the Tyler's guilt for his part in what happens and his feelings for Will. Then, we get to see the anger, betrayal, denial and self loathing as Will falls (or realizes he is) in love with his partner--and boy does he NOT want to be. I wouldn't call it suspense in the classic sense--we know who is responsible for her death and why so the suspense comes from will this have a happy ending or not?!