Different Dynamics

Different Dynamics - Tamir Drake Richard is the only omega playing in the NHL. For some reason, his heat starts a week early while he is on the road playing. He thinks it makes others question his ability to do his job so he hides it. It's a shame we're not shown Richard as the talented, skilled, team leader we are told he is before he is begging and pleading his best friend James for sex.

We get very mixed signals here. One the one hand, we get "I'm not less than because I leak a few times a year." On the other hand, we get "it wasn't as if Richard was worth caring about." Richard doesn't seem to know very much about his own sexuality, which makes this process all the more difficult for him to deal with. He seems to have suppressed his sexuality in order to be successful and to be taken seriously, even to the detriment of his health.

Dmitry, James' friend from another hockey team is there when Richard starts another round of heat. Of course, he has to stay and help. This seems to just set up the story of how the three of them ended up together with a reason to have lots of sex. There is not a lot of plot here, but I could see an ongoing story with the three of them in the future. If that happens, I hope there is a lot more detail about hockey and some actual dating/getting to know each other. If so, this might have worked better as a prequel. We know they're friends (Dmitry and James and James and Richard), we know they play hockey, and we know they are sexually compatible (very compatible), but that is it.